New: ActivGrip XA-326 & ActivGrip CJ-569

10/12/2015 【NEWS

Towa is pleased to announce 2 new products to its ActivGrip range: ActivGrip XA-326 and ActivGrip CJ-569:


ActivGrip XA-326 uses a 13G Nylon liner for extreme comfort and minimum hand fatigue. Latex is coated on both the palm and back of the hand, giving XA-326 an outstanding 360° protection against dirt, mud and water. Ideal for workplaces in the outdoors, XA-326 is outfitted with Towa`s original MicroFinish technology which still proves to be the best grip available in the hand protection industry. XA-326 is a year-round glove and can be worn on both sunny and rainy days.



Based on the established ActivGrip Advance and ActivGrip CJ-568, ActivGrip CJ-569 is Towa`s premium industrial glove for workplaces which involve oily liquids. The 13G Nylon liner is designed ergonomically for maximum comfort and minimum hand fatigue. The nitrile coating on both the palm and the back of the hand assure maximum protection from oily liquids and is both durable and flexible. Ideal for the automotive and assembly industries, ActivGrip CJ-569 features Towa`s original MicroFinish technology which promises the best grip in the industry, even when covered in oily liquids.



ActivGrip XA-326 and ActivGrip CJ-569 are now available throughout Towa`s global network, spanding across more than 40 countries worldwide. Any questions on performance and availability can be asked through the contact form on


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