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23/10/2015 【NEWS

Towa Corporation, one of the world`s major glove manufacturers, is proud to unveil its all new international homepage. After months of preparation, the website is online and can be viewed on all web browsers. A short overview of what is new:

More Information

The amount of information related to the company and the products has more than double. Find out more about the history of Towa by viewing the “About Us” section.

Or browse over to our “Glove Series” page to get the latest information on all of our glove series such as ActivGrip, PowerGrab, ExxoGuard and OR.

Finally, we`ve displayed our global presence on maps in the “Network” section. It is now much easier to see where we are active and what presence we have in the industry.

Better Accessibility

Communication is ever changing and so are the devices. In line of this, Towa`s new international website is now fitted for both desktop and mobile devices. The screen will automatically adjust to the screen and present an user friendly interface based on the type of device.

Aimed Towards The User

Towa has researched the needs of customers and designed the “Search” engine based on this. Types of materials used in the gloves can now be easily selected. Looking for the right glove for the right job? The “Search” function has a wide list to make sure the best suited glove(s) are presented.

Improved Visibility

High quality pictures have been used to better showcase our image and products. Whether the website is viewed on a smartphone or on a large monitor, the pictures displayed will always look sharp and in the best resolution possible.

Superior Communication

Towa values customer’s questions and opinions dearly. As such, communications with our partners and customers is of the utmost essence. An easy to use contact form has been created to send messages without the hassle of filling out unnecessary details.

View the “Contact” page for more information and feel free to contact Towa at any time.

Exciting Prospects

The release of the new international website is just one of many exciting Towa`s projects. Check this page frequently for new updates related to the website, products, technology and much more!


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