We as a comprehensive manufacturer of industrial gloves, changing situation, since the slide into corresponding to the huge range of needs, have a strong corporate philosophy, we are to cherish a flexible attitude that can adapt to any changes. The commitment to strict quality unrelenting, expansion of research and development team, the development of manufacturing and quality management system (ISO9001 acquisition), sales network of strengthening such as efforts to internal improvement and enhancement, further expansion of overseas production factories ahead of competitors (China, Malaysia), such as a business partnership with overseas leading manufacturers, and recommended an aggressive globalization, we have to promote also foundation of a competitive business.
Gloves, we can say the closest product to people. In response to the subtle movement of the human hand can feel the warmth of the skin, also, it must be one that can exhibit high workability in any work environment.

As gloves comprehensive manufacturer in Towa Corporation, also to ensure your safety in any work environment, it is a research and development with the aim of a comfortable and efficient work can be gloves. The pace of change in modern society is very fast, the demand for gloves also diversified. It aims to understand the needs of this customer accurately, we would like to develop the best products according to the application.

Assembled a project team for each development issues in the research department, based on the accumulation of ever came was Towa of cultivated technology, it is with to share the information committed to early completion and technical skills up study of research. New materials, new product development with a focus on technology, we're going improvement improvement of existing products, types and lining of the original hand research and development, etc..

In developing new products, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, used by using a synthetic resin or the like purpose, compounding techniques to exhibit optimal functionality for working environment and has been developing processing techniques. as a core technology that Towa has, new material, we are challenging the development of new technology. Gloves that are friendly to the environment, it is also the development of recycling gloves that reuse the used gloves.

Also for the improvement improvement of existing products, with the goal of gloves made continue to be selected in your customer feedback, and received cherish demand, we are working to improve improvement. Performance (mechanical strength, chemical resistance, slip resistance, etc.), appearance (color, design, shape, etc.), workability (flexibility, ventilation, deodorant, antibacterial, etc.) for improvement, such as raw materials blending, processing conditions, and it is the improvement of production facilities.

Type, has a commitment to lining original hand, we are working on improving the original hand that is used to type and lining in order to make an easy-to-use comfortable gloves that fit the hand.
We are sure you understand your needs, expectations, peace of mind.
To supply can product stably and quickly in the industry,Get the ISO9002 in 1999, we migrated to ISO9001 in 2002.

We are ISO9001 quality management system (QMS), but it up to quality-oriented to further customer satisfaction importance of, by being taken into consideration, we are aware that deepens ties with stronger customers.

So that you can supply the products that can be peace of mind to our customers in a stable manner in Towa, we are working to improve quality.
Provide products
And operate a quality management system according to ISO9001 is an international standard, and continuously improve the production management, has undergone a rigorous inspection process, we are the most important that you stable supply of superior quality gloves. Operational management, four times a year on a regular review of internal and external, we conduct a regular inspection every three months.
Quality maintenance
Laws and regulations have been elimination of chemicals as well, we are committed to green purchases thought the risk reduction to humans and the environment.
And try to higher health and safety of the work environment, we are promoting the provision of places where employees can work with peace of mind. On the basis of the quality management system, to manage the contents of all of the products it has been recorded. As a result, the feedback becomes perfect, we can offer you the product that you can rest assured.
Is based of the distribution center in Kyushu and Kanto, we try to be able to deliver in the shortest day.
Quality Management Review
We have held a management review at the biannual company-wide perspective. To clarify the product requirements, and thorough management of production, measurement of customer satisfaction, we are working on the analysis and improvement.
Water, air, clean the earth! Gloves Earth-friendly is the desire of us Towa. Is aware of the kindness of the rubber gloves, it is even we had first embarked on recycling in the industry. We are at the center of the rubber work gloves, has continued walking as a comprehensive glove manufacturer.
Now in its 60th year has its 2/3 a is 40 years just super long seller of gloves was earnestly our patronage.
It is "Twaron" of work rubber gloves. And the top patronage after 40 years, the number of about 100 million 50 million bi-more than that.
The use is safe, it is above all of the testimony that enjoy still patronage.
EMS ISO14001 Management(EMS)
Promotion in us of the socio-economic needs, so as to add to the Kyoto Protocol is to support the prevention of environmental conservation and pollution, the slogan that can be to us, compliance with laws and regulations that can be applied, and the continuous improvement and we will continue to.
1. Prevention of environmental pollution
For environmental protection, comply treaty, national laws discipline, regulations, etc., with the aim of prevention of pollution.
2. Efficient use of resources
Resource conservation, and efforts to purchase such excellent material that re productivity, and to establish a recycling system, with the aim of effective use of resources.
3. Recycling of recovered gloves
Cardboard at the time of the distribution, packing string, abolished the use of such as an adhesive tape, we introduced TOWA running box system.
4. Research and Development
It will make the research and development of environment reduce commodity.
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